Conversation with Tom Oberheim of Marion Systems Corp. at NAMM 2017

Join us as we talk with synthesizer design legend Tom Oberheim about his new Eurorack format SEM-X synth, PS-1A Phase Shifter, RM-1B Ring Modulator, and the secrets of his legendary filter tone.

Tom Oberheim, Marion Systems Corp

Synth Pop Producer at NAMM 2017
Episode NMM 17-03

We took a chance to talk with synthesizer design legend Tom Oberheim as he presents his new Eurorack format SEM-X. Tom discusses the origins of the SEM and its classic 2-pole filter design, then turns to the new PS-1A and RM-1B, modern Eurorack versions of his 70's era Phase Shifter and Ring Modulator. And, we chat about the OB-6 keyboard and desktop synths and Tom's manufacturing partnership with Dave Smith Instruments.

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